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Risk-taking Liam Dineen’s journey to becoming a music producer

Most people become trapped in a life of comfort after failing to take risks in order to pursue their goals. But Liam Dineen is not most people. Here we find out all about his work in music and online, as well as what keeps him motivated.

Never afraid to take risks

Like many people across the world, Liam Dineen has ambitions to achieve huge levels of success. But there are clear traits that set him apart from the rest.

Along with being determined and dedicated to his crafts, he is also never afraid to take risks.

That is evident from the turning point in his life, which came when he was able to quit his ‘9 to 5’ job and support his family from an online business.

Many would have wanted the security of a standard job and may have continued with it well into the future – until it was too late to chase their dreams.

But Liam is living proof that taking risks, being dedicated and staying consistent can enable you to live the life that you want.

Liam is a music producer and social media kingpin from Birmingham in the UK.

The 33-year-old is mostly known for his mellow approach to music and his meme style content online.

Liam’s first taste of music was at the tender age of six when he started playing the piano. This is where his love for playing, listening and making music commenced.

He used his online platform to promote his music, while growing a self-titled Facebook page to 8.5 million followers where you can find viral videos, trending content and the latest news.

Refusing to settle

But while he has already achieved impressive levels of success, Liam is not letting up in his efforts.

He simply refuses to settle and has a laser-like focus on his future ambitions.

Liam’s future goals are to continue supplying his followers with content, whether that be music or memes and viral content.

Also, he will be releasing a single in the coming months and will be working on releasing an album towards the end of the year, which will all be independently released.

Liam’s biggest success to date ‘professionally’ is the continuous growth on social media with a following of over 8.5 million followers, which leads onto his ‘personal’ success of being a father and having the freedom to spend a lot of time with his children due to the position that social media has put him in.

While he is in a dream position, the dedication and time spent to get to where he is cannot be overlooked. Hard work pays off – Liam is living proof of that.

Crucial habits

But what keeps Liam motivated each day?

He believes social media is a numbers game, so seeing growth and his revenue increasing keeps him motivated.

A crucial part of success is a solid routine filled with crucial habits. But while habits are vital for anybody aiming to progress, they are not worth anything unless people stay consistent and committed to them.

Liam needs to work around his kid’s schedules, so after doing the school runs he has the time between the school day to get his work done. Anything else is very family orientated.

While he is in a unique position thanks to his dedication, he never forgets those closest to him and he never fails to set aside time for his loved ones.

This is what life is truly about, spending time with those who mean the most to us.

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