Scott Fishman

Real Estate Expert Scott Fishman Makes the Home Ownership Process Worthwhile 

Over the years, the real estate landscape has evolved into one of the busiest and most talked about industries in the world. Now that more and more individuals are on the lookout for properties that would either serve as their homes or principal places of business, people should have sufficient knowledge or guidance that would allow them to navigate through the real estate market with ease and confidence. Taking heed of such urgency, Scott Fishman addressed himself to the challenge of using his expertise and experience to guide aspiring property owners and help them find what they are looking for. 

At the heart of Scott Fishman’s flourishing career is the recognition that the real estate space has gaps that need to be filled. For this reason, he has been going the extra mile to equip individuals with the necessary skills and know-how that would enable them to tackle any challenges and difficulties that they may encounter throughout their property ownership journey. Heavily determined to elevate the industry, this visionary serves as a competent source of support, assistance, and insight. 

Growing up in Chicago, Scott Fishman graduated from DePaul University with degrees in history and public administration. He then went on to teach high school social studies and decided to make a career shift by dabbling in the world of advertising and PR. As someone who always looks forward to trying new things, the go-getter worked on a variety of global brands, spending over 20 years helping his clients tell their stories through design, advertising, PR, and online communications. 

Immensely inspired to start a new chapter in his life, Scott Fishman got into the real estate industry and eventually earned his license. Fast forward to today, he is acclaimed for representing existing and future homeowners in Evanston, Skokie, Park Ridge, Rogers Park, Andersonville, and Lincoln Square. With his unwavering commitment and unparalleled professionalism, he shares his knowledge and experience with his clients to ensure that their respective real estate needs are met. 

Standing at the helm of The Fishman Group, Scott Fishman helps individuals as they go through the real estate course. His venture is grounded in simplifying property ownership by breaking down the process into easier and more enjoyable steps. In this way, people can appreciate the elements of exploration, transition, and adventure that come with the journey of finding a new home. Currently, the revolutionary group has two locations—a Roscoe Village office to address its city clients’ needs and a Winnetka office to serve its suburban clients. 

The Fishman Group includes premier Chicagoland agents Eduardo Cuevas, Heidi Drennan, Vlad Filippov, and Jimmy Lee. Together with his highly dedicated team of professionals, Scott Fishman focuses on establishing clear communications with clients and all the necessary parties involved in the transactions.  He believes that educating clients about the home buying and selling process is crucial to the sterling service that The Fishman Group provides. Thus, the group recommends other industry experts and sees to it that every detail is understood. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Scott Fishman and his team are all determined to create an inviting environment that promotes and cultivates a supportive relationship between client and agent, making each home purchase a great experience.