Shelley Swain Berry, Virginia’s Go-To and Highly Respected Personal Injury Attorney

Negligence and malpractice, which come in different forms and are both rampant, do not only cause inconvenience but may alter lives – and even end them – in irrevocable ways. Each year, an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 personal injury cases are recorded in the United States, most of them involving auto accidents. Given this astounding statistic, it’s no surprise why there is a considerable number of tort lawyers who go all-out in helping victims win compensation for damages that stem from civil wrongs. Among the most trusted in Virginia is Shelley Berry, a purpose-fueled attorney known for her relentless drive and heart for serving clients. 

Born and raised in Virginia, Shelley Swain Berry is a partner at Ruloff, Swain, Haddad, Morecock, Talbert, & Woodward, who earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Political Science and graduated summa cum laude from Old Dominion University. After winning a full scholarship to the University of Missouri, she went on to expand her competencies by earning a Master’s in Public Policy, graduating at the top of her class. While studying for her Master’s, the go-getter worked as an assistant to Vicky Riback Wilson, a well-respected personality who served as a Missouri state representative, fought for legislation on domestic violence issues, and stood against discrimination. 

In 2010, Shelley Berry added a Juris Doctorate from the Regent University School of Law to her long list of accomplishments. Since then, she has dedicated her years to practicing personal injury law, specializing in complex car accidents and medical malpractice cases. 

This go-to attorney’s all-out attitude toward representing her clients and ensuring that victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries is born from an understanding of the lived experiences of those under her wing. After graduating from Old Dominion University in 2005, Shelley Berry got involved in a severe accident that left her wheelchair-bound for a number of months. However, her intimate awareness of the debilitating impact of other people’s negligence allowed and continues to enable her to relate to and understand her clients. 

Today, the mission-driven attorney operates under the overarching mission of meeting and hearing her clients’ stories and making their lives easier by working on a plan of action designed to compensate them for their loss. “At the end of the day, my client’s happiness is my ultimate goal,” she shared. “I am here to listen and to win.”

So far, Shelley Berry has represented many high-profile cases, doing so with stellar results. Throughout her career, she’s provided tailored services to victims and their families, an approach rooted in her belief that cookie-cutter solutions to her clients’ problems are a disservice. “Personalized and professional service is what I am all about,” she added. 

In the years to come, the experienced Virginia Beach attorney is expected to remain a solid supporter of victims of auto accidents and medical malpractice. Armed with a passion for serving, Shelley Swain Berry plans to represent more individuals and their families in the following years to come, helping them achieve the compensation they deserve.