Starbank NFT Release Will Range from $10 to $1B, Half at Auction

There is a swirling mystery that is brewing fast in the NFT space.  One that is so ambitious, forward thinking, and disruptive that it has caught our eye.  That would be none other than Starbank.  Starbank will be releasing their NFT collections starting on December 2nd that range in price from $10 to $1 Billion.  Half of the releases will be bidding based and the other half will have set prices.

So, what is Starbank all about?  Well, as we mentioned, there is little known about who is behind Starbank but their ideas are bold and their drive is ambitious.  We know that the goal of Starbank is as follows: Wield power responsibly.  According to their limited press release, they state” “We are building an architecture for truly sustainable value creation via harmonious rather than disruptive means. Our primary project involves distilling the essence of the NFT protocol to launch the world’s most valuable collections in history. Other project focuses include pioneering a new standard for sustainable blockchain mining practices beyond traditional computation, and starting a universal dialogue for the prevention of parasitic behaviors as we expand into outer space.”

Although it seems they are definitely shooting to disrupt the NFT space, they somehow claim they are actually anti-disruption and pro-harmony. “We seek to pioneer new methods to transform quality of life on this planet and realistic endeavors in outer space by taking a non-disruptive methodology, and actually aim to pioneer in this new form of harmonious, rather than disruptive, thinking.”  Like we said, mystery surrounds them!  But we could not be more intrigued.  

Now that we have your attention, here are the details on the release of Starbank and the difference between their auctions and set price collections.  

The NFT collection by Starbank will be available for sale in two categories.

  1. Bidding Based NFTs (50% of the entire Collection): They will be offered in an online auction where the potential buyers can open a bid on these NFTs and the one with the highest bid wins the ownership.
  2. Set Price NFTs (the other 50% of the Collection): The price of these NFTs will be set by the Starbank team and these NFTs will have the fixed price.

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