Focus and Discipline Part of Entrepreneur Jem Bourouh’s DNA
Focus and Discipline Part of Entrepreneur Jem Bourouh’s DNA

The Name Behind Viral TikTok Leggings: Entrepreneur and Marketer, Jem Bourouh

For all the TikTok fanatics out there, it is known that one thing that was trending over the platform in the past year was none other than a pair of leggings.  It was marketed so well that TikTok users were rushing to get their hands on the article of clothing and at times, it was a struggle as it was sold out.  But what made it reach that degree of viral?  Excellent marketing is the answer behind it all.  And more specifically so, it was accredited to a specific entrepreneur and marketer.  Twenty-three year old entrepreneur and business owner, Jem Bourouh, was behind the scenes that boosted the leggings to reach the apex they reached.  Bourouh runs two companies: Adcubator and eCom Incubator.  They are marketing agencies dedicated to helping clientele reach new heights in their eCommerce sales and goals.  

It did not all start on TikTok for Bourouh however.  As it turns out, it goes way back to his university days.  Bourouh was just like any other college student in Germany.  He had his eyes on a goal and that goal was to make money.  Although it is not too far-fetched of an aspiration, Bourouh’s perception of it was a bit different.  And that variety in perception is precisely what led him down a path to strike upon gold.  

Some individuals are more than happy to settle for a standard nine to five type of job where everything is laid out in a traditional and scheduled layout and a fixed salary for the most part.  Although there is nothing wrong with that, Bourouh was in search of a different and non-traditional route to make money and not only to make money but to strike the big bucks while doing it.  His first attempt was via dropshipping with Shopify after stumbling across a video on YouTube as a part of his research quest.  As it played out, Bourouh actually ended up being rather successful with his Shopify dropshipping endeavors.  He racked up a whopping twenty thousand dollars in his income stream which is most definitely not too shabby at all for what some would classify as an amateur entrepreneur.  Although Bourouh found success with the platform, he didn’t want to stop there.  He took a step further.

Instead of splurging the income he had made from dropshipping, Bourouh opted for a financially smarter move.  He invested it back into his quest for making money.  That is precisely where his companies: Adcubator and eCom Incubator came into the picture.  Adcubator is dedicated to marketing and aids clientele in upselling their products or services.  eCom Incubator, on the other hand, revolves moreso around the educational aspect of marketing to help others learn the skill.  And those using eCom Incubator as their training means may just be able to safely say they are learning from the best.  An anecdotal yet fascinating point is that Bourouh decided to throw his marketing skill in for a test.  He proposed a challenge where he would receive suggestions for things to market to be sold that people didn’t believe would be able to be successfully sold.  One of the suggestions just so happened to be quite outrageous but sure enough, Jem gave it a go.  Unsurprisingly to those confident in Bourouh’s skillset, he succeeded in the challenge.  He ended up making seventy grand all in just the span of one month through Google and Facebook ads!  

As successful as Bourouh has become with his two running companies and all just at the ripe age of twenty-three, he does not plan on stopping there.  Rather, it is only the beginning in his eyes and the sky’s the limit so to speak.  The 10-year vision is big. He wants to receive a unicorn valuation for one of his current eCommerce brands. He also has philanthropistic aspirations to open schools in third world countries and establish his own non-profit organizations.

 In other words, we have not heard the end of what Bourouh has in store for the world.  We can accept him to keep it coming.  To keep up with Jem Bourouh and what is coming up next, fellow his social media handles: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.