Trust Wallet Announces Collaboration with DeezNuts

Trust Wallet, probably the most popular crypto wallet platform, announces a collaboration with the brand behind the hyped charity coin DeezNutsCoin, which has been raising serious figures towards cancer research. The two are giving away multiple NFTs and BNB.

DeezNuts launched their charity coin earlier this year with the motive to raise funds for Cancer Research. Six months on and DeezNuts coin has raised over $100,000 from their community towards numerous cancer research foundations. Reasons for that might be a promising brand behind the coin, but also some very strong celebrity endorsements, including Tampa Bay star receiver Antonio Brown.

Trust Wallet – Certified Hype

Today Trust Wallet announced their collaboration with DeezNuts to celebrate the launch of their Metaverse NFTs. Trust Wallet, arguably the most reputable and popular crypto wallet platform, are giving away 10 BNB and 3 NFTs with DeezNuts.

After their successful launch of DeezNutsCoin, the brand behind the charity crypto currency pushed fast for innovation in the NFT space with the launch of their Flappy Sack NFTs. Those NFTs can be used in an upcoming virtual ‘play-to-earn’ game in a metaverse called “Flappy Sack” – a game inspired by the famous Flappy Bird game.

Flappy Sack is based on a play to earn concept and already has the alpha version available. DeezNuts NFTs are extra popular, since the brand knows how to add some real life attractions to their virtual goods: Those who are amongst the few to get their hands on a Flappy Sack NFT will join the DeezNuts team on an all inclusive trip to Bali, meeting celebrities and creators for an unforgettable experience.

They Get A Lot Of Things Right

Looking at all the alt-coins these days, would you know which one to choose? DeezNuts’ direct contribution to cancer research is quite honourable and without doubt was the main factor for the many celebrities to publicly support the brand and invest themselves. The brand also offers a forum for investors to communicate and network, with a-list celebrities and entrepreneurs among the participants in those group conversations. Another attractive reason for entrepreneurs that are simply looking to network to join. It’s these kind of real-life value characteristics that decide between a successful and unsuccessful virtual currency and brand.

And It’s the type of creativity and ability to adapt that is constantly demanded to continue to grow and compete in this every growing space. An adventure, both for the brands and the investors.