What do Hollywood stars eat on set?

It is always interesting to look at the set and find out what the idols of millions eat during breaks. Stars pay a lot of attention to their diet, and they need to look good and feel great. What products help them do this?

Gal Gadot, while filming Wonder Woman, kept in shape with the help of Hollywood trainer Mangus Ligedback. The main principle of the diet compiled for Gal is the quality of the protein consumed. In his opinion, fish is an excellent source of protein, a tasty and nutritious second meal of the day. Wild salmon contains 30% easily digestible protein and does not contain carbohydrates.

Wonder Woman diet coach Gal Gadot also worked with Alicia Vikander in preparation for filming Tomb Raider Lara Croft. Mungus also suggested that Alicia go on a keto diet – she ate a lot of redfish daily and kept her carbohydrate intake to a minimum.

Bering Seafood

43-year-old actress Eva Mendes eats quite monotonously, so on the set, it will not be challenging to please the star – for lunch and dinner, she prefers salmon with rice or quinoa and salad. “I don’t get tired of eating the same thing every day because I perceive food solely as fuel for my body to work,” the actress explained.

The quality of the dishes on the set directly depends on the budget of the movie. Cannot make a movie starring the charming Will Smith on a small budget. While filming The Protector, Will got hooked on seafood and “filled up” his colleagues with them. The group ate lobster, filet mignon, salmon dishes, and appetizers with red caviar. Here is a lunch break, consisting entirely of gourmet delicacies, provided by Will Smith to his colleagues.

But actor Channing Tatum was not pleased with the film “Macho and Nerd 2” set – provided only high-carbohydrate food on the stage. Therefore, the star had to independently turn to a company specializing in delivering healthy food, where he ordered steamed wild salmon. Colleagues on the set even joked that Channing could not hear the firecracker, so passionate about pulling the bones out of the cooked salmon.

All the stars expect to see high-quality products prepared for them, whether baked salmon, salad, or sushi. Therefore, the organizers treat the choice of seafood with special care. The company “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood“), which specializes in the extraction of Pacific salmon and red caviar, has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality and environmentally friendly products. The company’s products have international certificates and awards, so “Bering Seafood” can be safely called the world’s premium kosher salmon and red caviar supplier. “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood”) is a real pearl of Kamchatka.

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