Beautiful woman with personal style

What Does Your Personal Style Say About You?

Before starting a journey to enhance your appearance, you must recognize who you are. The individual you are today has likely evolved since a few years ago. Understanding your current objectives, aspirations, and motivations becomes paramount when investing in your image and personal style. Additionally, contemplating the direction in which you want your image to guide you helps you develop your style – and a personal image consultant can assist with this.

Taking the time to reconnect with yourself is imperative. Investing in your image can initially be overwhelming, as details may obscure the bigger picture. To make well-informed choices, thoroughly analyzing your style on all levels is vital. A crucial first step is differentiating between style types that deeply resonate with you and those that do not. Once you have this basic step figured out, you can genuinely invest in your style and unlock all the benefits it offers you.


Personal Style Reflects Your Personality

Apparel provides a powerful means of self-expression, often unconsciously. Each time we choose an outfit, we shape an image of ourselves and broadcast messages about our identity. Why not leverage this influence for a positive impact?

Consider carefully pieces that genuinely mirror your personality. Identify distinctive elements that set you apart, and contemplate incorporating them into your clothing choices. This approach can create a consistent and intentional impression aligned with how you wish to be perceived by others. For example, if you gravitate towards an edgier style, incorporate a leather jacket into your everyday attire or fully embrace a punk-rocker chic look. Alternatively, if subtlety matches your preferences, ensure that each garment harmonizes seamlessly without being overly bold or flashy. It’s essential to remember that fashion can be both enjoyable and a reflection of your inner self, no matter your approach.


Representation of Inner You

Personal style extends beyond mere fashion and practicality. It unveils your personality, attitude, inner world, and energy. It bears your thoughts and feelings about current political dynamics, societal norms, and religious beliefs. It stands as a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit. What you wear authentically reflects your internal state and how you wish to present yourself to the world—an exclusive language enabling expressing ideas and opinions.

Interestingly, you might need to be more consciously attuned to the messages you convey through your attire, especially if you hastily select the first available outfit each morning. Adopting style habits that may not align with your best interests is easy. Given this, it’s time to conduct a style review, fostering awareness of the messages you send to the external world through your clothing choices. Some people need help with that. Don’t be afraid to seek it!

Joseph Rosenfeld is an image consultant who sees people in great detail and with empathy and honesty. He inspires his clients to live up to their full potential, and his in-depth approach to building quality presence creates a framework for understanding their it-factor, facilitating self-confidence.