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What to Wear to a Family Photoshoot?

Choosing the perfect outfit for a family photoshoot can be a daunting task. As you prepare to capture these timeless memories, ensure you select clothing that not only reflects each family member’s personality but also harmonizes to create a cohesive look when you’re all posed together for the photo. Professional photographers prioritize making you and your family feel at ease throughout the session because you must cherish the resulting family portraits and the shared memories.


Choosing comfortable attire helps you to be comfortable and allows you to enjoy the session without worry. Forget about the era of formal suits, elaborate dresses, and flashy outfits for the little ones. Embracing a relaxed and casual wardrobe enhances the overall experience and contributes to creative genuine family photos. From coordinating colors to considering comfort and style, we’ll help you make decisions that ensure your family photos are cherished keepsakes for years to come.


Pick a Color Palette

Determine your entire color scheme by exploring various family outfit ideas on Pinterest. This resource offers abundant inspiration for different settings such as indoor, outdoor, neutral, festive holidays, beaches, snowy environments, and more. Opt for 2-3 core colors for your palette, and consider incorporating variations like darker or lighter shades of a chosen color, ensuring a harmonious look. Strive for a balance where colors complement each other without clashing, promoting individuality and personalization.


If you choose to incorporate patterns, keep them subtle and in moderation. Large, vibrant patterns may overpower your beautiful faces, which should remain the focal point in family photos. Experiment with layers like vests, jackets, or sweaters to add texture and dimension. Avoid scarves as they can appear bulky and obstruct the view in photos. Additionally, consider playing with accessories like tall socks under boots to enhance your color palette and overall aesthetic. Remember, the key to well-rounded family outfits goes beyond simple tops and bottoms, creating a more polished and cohesive look.


Try to Stand the Test of Time

Always prioritize timeless choices over high fashion when selecting outfits for your family photos, as these images will last a lifetime. Fashion trends are transient, and the goal is to avoid cringing at your clothing choices when revisiting these pictures in the future. Opting for classic styles ensures that your family portraits remain stylish and relevant, standing the test of time.

Black and white photography offers a distinct advantage as clothing colors become irrelevant. Shades and tones captured in monochrome images do not age in the same way as colors do.


Make Sure Stuff Fits

Try on your outfits before the photoshoot. Arriving at the session and discovering something doesn’t fit properly can be disappointing. Ill-fitting clothes, whether tight or loose, are generally less flattering. Opt for heavier fabrics, as they tend to drape more gracefully; for instance, very light t-shirts may cling, while classic cuts always present well. Remember that very tight t-shirts, although stylish when standing, may not photograph as well when sitting or cuddling with your child. Additionally, note that down jackets can add extra bulk, so a well-fitted jacket or coat looks more refined in photos.


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