Ada Timestamp

Born by Blockchain, AdaTimeStamp redefines what it means to “Echo in Eternity” 

Each of us leaves behind a legacy of digital footprints during our daily lives. But this legacy is not necessarily permanent, or for that matter,  consciously made with the intent to remain. Like footprints in the sand being washed away by the shore, some digital footprints are wiped away, some are lost in the stampede, and some are even bundled off and sold. AdaTimeStamp allows users to create messages with the sole intent to last visibly and unendingly by using blockchain’s  inherent properties. AdaTimeStamp’s name pays tribute to Ada Lovelace, widely considered the first computer programmer, and ‘Time-Stamp’ refers to unique ownable moments that users will be able to customize with their own eternal messages. 

The science of cryptography continues to evolve such that we can leave lasting footprints in the digital realm. AdaTimeStamp depends on Cardano’s blockchain. A blockchain that  differentiates itself through its scientific approach in its relentless pursuit for becoming a global system to manage identity, value and governance.  

“Most individual timelines are ‘mortal’, we are creating a shared one, split into ‘Time Stamps’ that allow messages to be carried forward into countless tomorrows. That is AdaTimeStamp. A community that strives for a shared positive legacy,” say the project’s team. “Our ambition is to foster a digital culture focused on the long term. Our bottom-up approach builds on decentralized principles for governance, ownership, and security to ensure longevity. Our mission is to inspire, systemize and protect legacies with a purpose for the good, the kind, and the thoughtful things in life as determined by our community” they added. 

The team consists of a diverse group of young professionals stemming from various sectors including economics; computer science; engineering; astrophysics; and human behavior. Before AdaTimeStamp, the team established their stake pool in 2020, it is one of Cardano’s trusted network nodes that provides technical infrastructure to its blockchain.

The team released initial concept papers during Coindesk’s Consensus Summit in Austin (available on their website Their NFT sale serves as the basis for financing the project, which has hereto been completely self funded. “NFTs on Cardano provide a strong basis for security, governance and transparency that can be used for good. With our agile strategy and a professional team, we are just beginning” said Max van Rossem, CEO. The team expect to start their sale  potentially as soon as august 2022, the exact date will be announced on their twitter (@AdaTimeStamp).

AdaTimeStamp is poised to foster a culture of impact that shares a  long-term vision. Beyond this, their team has committed that a minimum of 42% of profits will be contributed to a positive impact fund for the legacy of all contributors. It will be fascinating to see what beautiful strange things people decide to write to future generations and beyond.