CODEN Supply Co. Offering Hemp-Derived Products to Boost People’s Health & Get Them Lifted

The benefits of hemp have been discussed at all levels of global health conversations, and these conversations have achieved pockets of progress for the cannabis industry. So many entrepreneurs and brands have come to life through the cannabis industry, and with the legalization of cannabis in different parts of the world, these companies are delivering products with a high level of potency and effectiveness while maintaining natural effects. Ben Martch is one of these founders, and with his partner, Nick Wattles, he is changing lives through CODEN Supply Co.

CODEN Supply Co. offers the highest quality D8, D10, THC, HHC, CBD, CBG and CBN products in the world. It has an extensive range of product lines which cover industrial hemp-derived consumer package goods such as disposable vapes, cartridges, gummies, topical creams, topical cooling roll-ons, D8, THCO, D10 infused hemp flower, pre-rolls, dab concentrates, wood tip blunts, gel capsules and more. The company was born out of Ben Martch’s early exposure to cannabis as a result of growing up in Oregon and living in Colorado. Before he co-founded CODEN Supply Co., he owned cannabis dispensaries and cannabis/hemp grows, managing and marketing the largest dispensary groups in the nation. He has also been the judge of the Colorado HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.

With his experience as a leader in the cannabis industry, coupled with his partner’s experience that also spans over a decade, Ben Martch created two brands, namely: CODEN “Live Lifted” line, which focuses on getting people “lifted”, and the POSITIV “Live Positiv” line, which focuses on health & wellness. Through these product lines, Ben created the safest and most effective products with the best-looking packaging in the international hemp industry. “We try to make our customers feel good when they see our products and when they use our products. Having them thanking us for providing such great products with an affordable price, is really what inspires us and keeps us going,” Ben Martch said.

Ben Martch cites honesty, hard work and having a great team as the secrets to the success he has enjoyed with CODEN Supply Co & Live Positiv. His goals for the next few years are to win government contracts and be a leader in the international hemp industry. As a successful entrepreneur, Ben Martch believes that anyone in business has the sole duty of learning about the business they do rather than letting people tell them about their business. He goes on to say, “It’s your job to live it 24/7/365, and do it with honesty and integrity. Don’t let anyone tell you about things you can experience and learn yourself.”Together, Ben Martch and Nick Wattles have steered the ship of CODEN & POSITIV, making it one of the companies with the widest range of products in their industry. They have created over 75 hemp-derived “Alternative Cannabinoid” products and are actively carrying out research to create more. At the moment, CODEN Supply Co. and POSITIV’s products are currently in distribution throughout Europe, Australia and North America, aiming to become the top globally-recognized brand helping people get “lifted” and help with health/wellness issues.