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How do you make frozen onion rings crispy in the air fryer?

One thing I love about air fryers is the simplicity of cooking frozen food varieties. These Air Fryer Frozen Onion Rings are no special case.

They’re the ideal expansion in the mid-year to a barbecue night and even supplement a pleasant fast winter feast as well. You can cook them quicker than it takes to preheat your broiler! Goodness, and did I specify there is no oil required? They’re right up there with air-broiling Hot Pockets (which are astounding, incidentally).

Whenever I first made these frozen onion rings, I began them around 20 minutes before it was time to eat. You know, how much time it takes for a broiler to preheat then heat them. Fortunately, I like to watch out for my food as it cooks in my air fryer and after 4 minutes they were finished! Air-seared frozen onion rings require only a couple of moments in the air fryer to make them fresh. You needn’t bother with any additional oil and it’s really simple to figure out how to make fresh air-seared onion rings from frozen.

Recipe for onion rings in the air fryer:

Step-by-step instructions to Make Air Fryer Frozen Rings

The main thing for this recipe is to preheat the air fryer, the air fryer should be hot, so they begin to freshen up right away.

Then, at that point, get your pack of frozen onion rings, whether they are Alexia Onion Rings or Ntahans’Onion Rings.

Here Is The Foolproof Recipe For Air Fryer Onion Rings Frozen-

  1. Begin by preheating your air fryer to 350 degrees. F. Presently, on the off chance that you don’t have a preheat button, set the temperature to 350 degrees F, for 5 minutes.
  2. Add your frozen onion rings to the crate. Presently, the significant thing isn’t to swarm your crate as they won’t air fry equitably. Note: You likely can not make the whole clump in one air fry run.
  3. Air fry for around 4 to 6 minutes. In the event that you have a bushel air fryer, shake the crate part of the way through. Assuming you have a broiler air fryer, use utensils and flip the onion rings. Keep in mind, the Air Fryer is HOT!
  4. Plate, serve, and appreciate!

How do I reheat onion rings in an air fryer?

On the off chance that you’re in any way similar to me, you had a tremendous hunger going into supper or just misjudged how much your family could eat. I do it constantly.

Fortunately, air fryers are astonishing at warming up food while keeping it fresh.

Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees then, at that point, place the onion rings inside and cook for 2-3 minutes until warmed.

Warming them at a lower temperature permits the inner parts to warm while ensuring the outside doesn’t get excessively fresh or consumed.

On the off chance that you notice the onion rings are beginning to get somewhat dry while warming, simply shower them with a couple of splashes utilizing your EVO Oil Sprayer (this thing is astonishing) and it will bring the dampness right back.

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