Dr Kriti Mohan

Kriti Mohan Shares What Helped Her Become the Leading Authority in Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Even though society has become more progressive in many aspects, there remains a lot of contention surrounding aesthetic procedures such as breast surgeries. As it stands, people are discouraged by others from going “under the knife”. Some are even shamed, discriminated against, and called unpleasant names such as vain and fake. However, the intuitive Dr. Kriti Mohan knows that these aesthetic procedures can not only help improve someone’s appearance but, more importantly, contribute to an individual’s overall emotional well-being and confidence by providing them with a more positive body image. 

With that being said, the industry expert also believes that patients should consult with professionals who can properly guide them through the process. After all, it can be quite an overwhelming journey. As she perfectly said, “Go to an experienced surgeon, but above that, pick one who you feel comfortable with, and you can be so honest with.”

Dr. Kriti Mohan is the owner of  Ciaravino Total Beauty, the leading enterprise in aesthetic breast surgery. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, she performs over 900 breast surgeries annually. What allows her to handle such an impressive number of procedures is the “Ciaravino method,” a system designed to focus attention to precise detail starting at the moment of consultation, the selection of implants, the method of surgery, as well as careful postoperative care.

On top of having a remarkable approach, the incredible individual is joined by a team of equally competent women. Ciaravino Total Beauty has a dynamic team of all-female staff who provide patients with exceptional camaraderie in understanding and empathizing with their motivations to assist along their journey.

Aside from her knowledge and expertise, what helped Dr. Kriti Mohan achieve great renown in aesthetic breast surgery was the mentorship of Dr. Michael Ciaravino. The business partners first met when she was in her plastic surgery residency. It was this initial tutelage which inspired Dr. Mohan’s vision, and also led to a fortuitous partnership.

In 2019, the surgeon officially took over the business with the blessing of founder Dr. Michael Ciaravino. Feeling genuinely honored by the trust and support provided by her mentor, Dr. Mohan sincerely shared, “Being able to personally know and work with the legend himself introduced me to his technique and special methods, which he had not previously shared with another surgeon. This relationship grew over the years, and I was given the incredible gift of taking over his practice and carrying forward the legacy he had built in breast surgery for over 20 years.”

Dr. Kriti Mohan remains steadfast in her goal of maintaining the excellence of Ciaravino Total Beauty, which patients know and love. At the same time, she plans to grow the enterprise even further. “It is already a brand and household name for breast surgery, and I would like to make that the case for beauty altogether,” she optimistically declared. 

But above all, the surgeon hopes to continue pursuing her passion for helping. She derives daily inspiration from her patients and intends to provide them not only with excellent life-long results but also a level of personal care they cannot find elsewhere.