Meet Cody Iwanow: Business Consultant

“The best things come slow and steady; nothing worth having comes fast.” Wise words from Cody Iwanow, a thriving and highly sought-after business consultant. Cody has cracked the code to success in business by working his way from the depths of penury all the way to the top, still aspiring to go higher! 

Discovering True Purpose

Sometimes, life throws bricks at you so you can build your dreams. This narrative is evident in the story of Cody, who started with football hoping to find success in that path, only to hit rock bottom, and that was the beginning of the reroute to true success. Growing up without parental guidance, Cody had to drift his way to the shoulders of a mentor who has till date groomed him in career and life in general.

A mentor not only shortens the path to success but also makes the path less rocky, which is how Cody developed into owning his own business. As a business consultant, he has exponentially increased the profit figures of his business to over 6X returns and has employed more than 200 people in staff. 

Fanning the Flame

Time, like they say, is man’s greatest asset and Cody seems to have built a career with the ultimate dream of FREEDOM! In order to achieve this feat, Cody developed some lifestyle habits of staying low and simple, without having many obligations outside work and career, while still basking in the thought of the possibility of even MORE!

This exceptional young man has set his business apart from competitors and business rivals alike by developing a billion-dollar network of trusted people, making it possible to execute plans through connections with the right people. The unique ability to find ways of generating more profits with minimal tweaks to existing businesses has been the secret recipe to this exceptional growth, and according to Cody, creating long-lasting business relationships has definitely contributed to his overall growth.

Onward to Greater Heights

The hunger for more success is a likable attribute of Cody as he envisions going into the Crypto space, developing NFTs with some big names in the financial market, and setting sail to hit his first $100 million! To achieve even more than one desires, he believes that the harder one works, the luckier one will get, bearing in mind that a man’s company and who he allows around him determines the level of growth.

In all recorded achievements, Cody has this to say about his greatest success; “being blessed enough to have people I can trust with my life around me, that’s my biggest success.”

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