Tech Company STREETH is Turning Street Art Into NFTs

Set to launch in September after 6+ months of intensive development, STREETH (fusion of Street and Eth) will undoubtedly make waves in a more-than-ever tech-centric society that is quickly transitioning from offline to online, from reality to Virtual Reality and from Universe to Metaverse.

Society was already on the verge of a full transition into all things digital when Covid-19 hit the world with its ferocious death threat. Since then, the world has gone crazy, literally. The old was quickly dismissed and replaced by the new. New processes, paradigms and habits took place in a year span.

All types of businesses have tried (and some succeeded) to switch to digital and avoid Covid-19 real-world limitations. Commerce has suffered a big hit while e-commerce has seen the highest rise ever registered.

In this realm, cryptocurrencies and their underlying disrupting tech (the blockchain) has made a comeback for the books. Bitcoin has surged from its multi-year low of $4000 to an all time high of $60000. The blockchain ecosystem has seen tens of thousands of young individuals jumping on a permission-less and border-less new realm of financial independence allowed by Decentralized Finance. In addition to this, the brightest minds and wealthiest individuals along with world acclaimed funds and financial institutions have moved trillions of dollars from old havens like Gold and bonds to Bitcoin and Blockchain capital.

The latest and most powerful trend to date is art, collectibles and NFTs. It all started with a resurgence of Pokemon and collectible cards mania fostered by influencers and key personalities in the digital economy and soon found fertile ground in the Non Fungible Token universe.

In the early days, it was the CryptoPunks which pioneered the concept of non-fungible digital art. Conceptualized by Larva Labs years ago, CryptoPunks found massive collectors’ attention in late 2020.

NFT quotations have hit 8 figure thresholds and are expected to break through the 9 figure resistance soon.

Large majority of people continue to turn up their noses asserting that this is just a mania destined to blow up. Jpegs and digital art cannot be that worth having no matter or utility.

In the space of digital-non-fungible art with a “matter”, STREETH is providing a real, tangible use to the NFT application.

Founded by a team of experienced fintech, blockchain & digital ventures individuals, the Miami based tech company will pioneer the physical and public Street Art niche and transition it into the Blockchain ecosystem.

In short, STREETH will curate, mint and auction world renowned Street Artists graffiti, murals and installations on the Ethereum blockchain. STREETH will allow worldwide art collectors to bid and acquire public masterworks that beautify our cities. A type of art that has never been traded or monetized before.

Collectors will become the sole and authorized owners of 1:1 Street Art pieces and the ownership will be perpetually registered on the Blockchain. Collected pieces will then be stored in collector’s vault or lent to Streeth’s Museum on the Metaverse or re-sold on the secondary market.

With early backers, investors and partners with a proven track record, STREETH will surely become the leader in the space. Its founder Marco Calamassi has confirmed their upcoming inauguration of a first USA Headquarter in Miami by 2022.