Duke Kimhan

Property Management Expert Duke Kimhan Dominates Residential Property Market in Oahu, Hawaii

Owning a residential rental property is one of the best investments anyone can make in the real estate market. The venture would bring a steady, predictable income with a projected increase every year as the value of the property grows. But owning a rental comes with its own challenges, including managing the property, collecting rent, finding tenants, repairs and maintenance, handling complaints, and the like. Seeing this problem, Duke Kimhan has made it his life’s mission to help property owners make the most of their rental properties and care for their residential properties as if they were his own. Together with his team at Hawaii Pacific Property Management, Duke provides unparalleled property management services that have generated waves in Oahu, Hawaii.

Duke Kimhan is a real estate broker specializing in property management. Among his extensive real estate portfolio are some of the most sought-after residential rentals on the island of Oahu. With over 250,000 rentals available on the island, Duke and his team stay on top of the best listings. HI Pacific Property Management offers an array of unrivaled services, with 90% of the business dealing with residential rentals. The company has catered to countless individuals and families on the island, with each property manager going above and beyond to help their clients find the best properties for their needs.

Since its founding in 2013, HI Pacific Property Management has helped owners handle their rental spaces with commendable professionalism. Home to experienced property managers, the company currently manages over 1000 properties across the island of Oahu.

Concentrating on the residential side of the rental market for decades, Duke Kimhan has definitely gained the trust and confidence of many property owners. They have also claimed the upper hand in the rental market in Oahu. Duke and his team consistently exceed client expectations as they help property owners find the right tenants who will look after their property with utmost care. 

In addition, Duke Kimhan believes property management encompasses all aspects of real estate, from ensuring that the property makes it to the right market to keep it in the best shape possible for its future tenants. It’s all about ensuring that each property is equipped to welcome a family or an individual looking to build a home. Knowing that he plays a vital role in connecting people with suitable properties fuels Duke’s drive every day, pushing him to be better. 

Duke Kimhan started his journey in real estate as a sales agent, but eventually, he pivoted his expertise after realizing he wanted to explore more about property management. Asked what pushed him to be a property manager, Duke Kimhan shared that he was looking for a good property manager himself in the past and wanted professionals who offered the best services for residential rental properties. When he couldn’t find any, Duke decided to fill the gap, knowing that many property owners such as himself must have experienced the same difficulty.

Fifteen years into the business, Duke Kimhan gained enough experience to build Hi Pacific Property Management, now known as a leading property management firm in Oahu. The entrepreneur and property management expert shared that he has encountered some challenges while building his business but amplified that the key to success is understanding the landscape in its entirety, and challenges play a crucial role in acquiring knowledge.