Top Influencer And Family Life – Megan Linke Proves It’s Possible

Megan Linke is the powerhouse behind the successful blog & Instagram account Li & Me In NYC. Mom to a son and 5 rescue dogs, she manages to document life in a refreshingly authentic way, all whilst working with top fashion and beauty brands. 

Ever since starting to share glimpses into her daily life with her son Liam, Megan Linke’s following on the social media platform has grown continuously. Currently at over 260.000 followers, the fashionista and beauty blogger gained entirely new groups of audiences when she started to share her life more authentically, including the daily duties as a mother, as well as other passions. Whether it’s her work with rescue dogs – Linke is mother to five furry friends too – or the documentation of her switch to a vegan lifestyle. The playful way she juggles all these aspects is inspiring young women and mothers all over the world.

The Best Recognize The Best

Her discipline and creativity is rewarded. High engagement and a classy yet humble image that several prestigious international brands couldn’t ignore, lead to some collaborations any social media influencer would kill for. Especially in the beauty and fashion industry her different approach to the ‘Insta-game’ didn’t go unnoticed, and brands such as Loreal Paris, Ferragamo and Yves Saint Laurent have worked exclusively with Linke. 

Megan Linke, a girl from Illinois, found her place in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where she fits in perfectly, without losing her Midwest charm. Named one of the 2020 Rising Influencers Of The Year, it’s most likely her community will only continue to grow at the same pace. Other than just a social media account that posts outfits, Li & Me consists of a thoroughly curated blog and the possibility to join Linke on her journey as a mother in New York City.  Especially young mothers are inspired seeing how Megan maintains and discoveres passions and purposes besides her tasks as a mother, while sharing it with her community. It is a healthy and much more approachable version of the often rather superficial blogs found on Instagram.

And it’ll be more than interesting to see where Li & Megan are in a year from now. Because they grow so fast.